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Cloth Diapering Tutorial


When I started researching to begin cloth diapering I was super overwhelmed with all the info that was out there and with the estimated starter cost being $500-750, I thought there was no way I’d ever be able to do it! I talked to a couple friends who encouraged me and helped me figure out what to get. Everything I read suggests getting 30-45 cloth diapers to start your collection. (WHAT?!) Now, this is very much dependent on how often you want to do laundry. I ordered 19 diapers and I do a load every day or every other day. I also got 24 additional inserts that are ruched because they hug the body better than the flat inserts. I use cloth wipes so I also ordered 45 reusable wipes. I got 19 cloth diapers with inserts, 24 ruched inserts, a wet bag and 45 cloth wipes for $211.86. That’s AMAZING and so much cheaper than I originally thought. I did the math and between the cost of disposable diapers and wipes, the cloth diapers and wipes pay for themselves in 8 months. That’s CRAZY! We’re 6 months away from our investment paying itself off. So cool!

Cloth Diaper Dos –

  • Wash all diapers and inserts at least three times before using them. This helps them become more absorbent so you have less leaks.
  • Change them every two hours (with the exception of nighttime) or they’ll start to leak and smell.
  • Double up inserts at night to avoid leaking.
  • Buy a wet bag. This is vital for going out and about.
  • Rinse them out after each use.
  • Use a free and clear detergent.
  • Use dryer balls to help with static. I even put a couple drops of lavender on them to help them smell good AND help sooth baby’s bottom.

Cloth Diaper Don’ts –

  • DON’T use fabric softener or dryer sheets. This starches them and they become less absorbent.
  • DON’T use detergent with fragrances.
  • DON’T use bleach. This breaks them down more and they won’t last as long.
  • DON’T leave used ones laying around the house all day during the summer. They’ll smell. I speak from experience.
  • DON’T wash them with hot water every time, this will wear them out faster.
  • DON’T dry them on high heat. This also wears them out faster.

Helpful Tips –

  • I wash them in cold the majority of the time with an extra rinse. Every once in a while I wash them on hot just so they can get really good and clean and kill any bacteria.
  • I dry them on low/medium. Never on high as that wears them out faster.
  • I rinse my diapers and inserts after each use and soak them in water mixed with ½ scoop of OxiClean all day.
  • I put ½ scoop of OxiClean in each load of cloth diapers and add an extra rinse cycle.
  • Some people wash the diapers alone, some people wash them with everything. I only wash them with small items like the girls’ clothing. I don’t wash them with blankets or sheets or anything big. I generally try to wash them by themselves but sometimes will throw some of the girls’ clothes in if it’s not a full load.
  • I’ve tried three different brands – Nora’s Nursery, SimplyLife, and Mama Koala. Mama Koala is my favorite. I really do like them all though. They’re all great quality and pretty affordable. Nora’s Nursery sends 7 diapers with inserts and a wet bag which is awesome. Mama Koala’s are super soft and so easy to stuff. They seem the most comfy because they’re so soft! Plus, Mama Koala has a Facebook page and they do giveaways all the time and they let you vote on what patterns you want for their next bundle! Such a cool, fun company.

Cloth diapering can seem really overwhelming, expensive and difficult when you’re researching it. Hopefully this helped some moms feel a little more at ease if they were considering making the switch. We’ve really enjoyed it. It’s SO good for the environment. Plus, their little baby booties look so cute in the adorable patterns. I hope this was helpful to someone! Happy diapering!